About policefans.org

So what is this place, anyway?

policefans.org is just what it sounds like - a Police website for the fans, run by the fans. This forum is one part of the project, which will hopefully expand to include other features in the future.

But why another forum?

The genesis for this project came from discussions regarding membership renewals at check out the links to the mods' introduction posts.

How do I get a cool avatar? I can't get mine to work!

You have several options for choosing an avatar image. In all cases, log in to the site and go to your "Profile". From there, you can chose to:

1. Upload Avatar from your machine - that means you select one from your home computer, which is then uploaded to this site.

2. Upload Avatar from a URL - input a web address to an avatar (such as http://www.tinypic.com/yourimage.jpg) and it will be uploaded to this site.

3. Link to off-site Avatar - like choice number 2, only the avatar remains on an outside site (such as tinypic, photobucket, your own website) and is only linked to from policefans.org.

For options 1 or 2, your avatar can be no larger than 100x100 pixels in dimension and 60k in size. Option 3 will allow you to link to a larger image; however, please be courteous to other users and keep your avatars within reasonable size. Need an avatar? There are a whole bunch here which are free for you to use, all of which meet the size requirements for uploading to the site:


Can I use htlm coding in my posts?

For board security reasons, only the most basic of html codes are allowed (b,i,pre, etc.) Allowing more advanced html codes makes the board more vulnerable to hacking attacks, therefore they are not allowed on policefans.org.

Message board conduct:

The following behavior is considered inappropriate on the policefans.org forum. Violations of these policies may result in either warnings or deactivation of your account, depending on the severity of the violation.

1. No spam. Commercial spam/adult advertisements/etc. are not allowed and spam accounts will be deleted without a first warning. However, genuine, active users of the site are welcome to promote their projects on the "Pimp It!" board. If you have questions about the appropriateness of a plug or advertisement, please ask one of the mods before posting.

2. No personal attacks or threats. Polite debate and argument is fine. Insulting other users for their opinions or threatening them with harm is not.

3. No sockpuppetry. Do not create dummy accounts just to "agree" with you in discussions, boost your perceived popularity, or otherwise cause disruption on the board by pretending to be multiple people. The admins can see your IP address. The admins have dealt with sockpuppets before. Believe us that you will NOT get away with it.

4. Please respect the band and their families. Discussion of and speculation about the band's personal lives outside of the media spotlight is discouraged. We don't want to look or act like a bunch of stalkers.

Further questions? Ask sockii.